pakistan airspace closure
pakistan airspace closure


In the middle of the heavy losses of Indian airlines, the closure of Pakistani airspace tagged them into an abnormal situation.

In the statement of Civil Aviation Minister, ‘HARDEEP SINGH PURI’ in Rajya Sabha on 3rd July reasoned the closure of Pakistani airspace after the BALAKOT STRIKE for the loss of 491 cr. till 2nd July by national carrier AIR INDIA.

Besides national carrier, Indian private airlines also have been in the losses. Data shows Go Air, Indigo and Spice Jet have lost 2.1cr., 25.1 cr. and 30.73 cr. respectively.

After the airstrike, Air India had to re-route, merge or suspend many of its International flights that connect to US and European countries. INDIGO, INDIA’s largest airlines by share of domestic passengers has been unable to start its low-cost carrier DELHI to ISTANBUL non-stop flight which was started in March. Currently, this flight has to take the longer route passing over the Arabian sea and make a stay at DOHA in QATAR for the purpose of refuelling

After the PAKISTAN air space closure, the NATION has opened only 2 of its 11 air routes, both of which passes through SOUTHERN PAKISTAN.

The final thing, which should be understood from this scenario that, unless PAKISTAN opens its complete air space all the airlines of both sides of the NATION suffer. Both the NATION should talk on the table to discuss over the issue and make a final decision which will take back the airlines to their soft place.

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