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Lightning in Bihar’s Nawada: 8 deaths, including 3 children, many scorched

Eight people, including three children, died due to a thunderstorm in the Mahadalit ward at Dhanpur village in Kashikh police station area of ​​Nawada district, while eight people were severely burnt. All this happened near the high school Dhanpur.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon. Many people of Dhanpur village were feeding cattle in Badar. Meanwhile, torrential rains began with a strong thunderstorm. To avoid this, all stood under a dense banyan tree.

The injured children have been admitted to the primary health centre at Bauri for treatment. Since this incident, there has been an outcry in the village.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is the head of Nawada in the light of the death of 9 children. He has instructed the families of deceased children to donate four lakh rupees.

Names of Deceased due to lightning in Bihar

Chhotu Majhi 8 Years

Munnilal Manjhi 9 years

Parvesh Kumar 10 Years

Nitish Manjhi for 12 years

Monu Manjhi for 15 years

Chhotu Manjhi 15 Years

Ganesh Manjhi 15 Years

Ramesh Manjhi 26 years

The name of the injured people due to lightning in Bihar

Rakesh Manjhi 12 Years

Ankit Manjhi for 13 years

Mukesh Manjhi 13 years

Nand Kumar 14 years

Mascuria Manjhi for 15 years

Ganesh Manjhi 21 Years

Nandu Manjhi for 22 years

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